1. Bob and Brad I'm truly sorry for not making the videos I said I would make you, but right after producing this test video I started having health issues. One Grand Mal Seizure and two small seizures, I just had surgery on my back yesterday to remove a Lipoma from my back, Oh and they found a benign brain tumor in my right frontal lobe and I start radiation next week. So after I'm done mending I'll start producing videos. Here's a test vid I did https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BmLTrDaP84&t=4s

  2. I love ALL your videos but this one is the best one for all the GREAT info but most of all for assisting in help getting the word out for Aaron's and his site. It show what GREAT guys you are. Thank you. I just wanted also to say I bought your Brackets and the bands.Very high quality on both of them.

  3. Hi I have pain in my upper mid back that’s a little bit under the shoulder blade to the left side not on the spine that I got after I ran to much and this pain has stayed with me for about two weeks now, I had it before a while back after I ran to much but that time it was on the right side of my back. What can this be and what can I do about it?

  4. Guys,
    What's the best stretch for the Sartorius Muscle? I am having pain on
    the inside of the thigh, right at the knee.
     (I want to be strong like bull.)
    Thanks so much.

  5. Don't know where else to ask a question. I am 61 and I am looking for a 30 minute stretch, foam roller, ball routine to do everyday to help minimize those problems you see as people get older.

  6. lmao, who is Aaron? And I can see that contempt in your face, Brad. It’s the same way my mother looks at my father.

  7. Are you able to do more and show more exercises for those who are wheelchair bound that are paraplegics and make have a spinal cord injury, and want to keep their range of motion and all. But yet does not have the balance to do certain things that you show for The able body people. It be great to see this.. as there are many other different injuries of course, but just give us some ideas.. thanks. You guys are great..

  8. Hello, Mr Brad and Mr Bob! My name is Joseph from Saudi Arabia, is't possible for some tips or possibly recommended videos for my sick loved one? Unfortunately she's reaching the late age and doesnt seem very fine, we're trying to make her move as much as possible to maintain her physical fitness. She has a lot of pain from moving almost any limb. Any tips would help! Thank you.

  9. Where can I buy the resistance bands at for me to be able to install at home for my cousin that has a TBI. I follow you always videos a lot they're very helpful and we're in the process of getting her to walk again her accident happened six years ago I've only had her at home with me for 17 months. I can also be found on Facebook under Raquel's journey.

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