1. SCHEALLA: H E Y "waves" YOU HAVE A TWIN OUT HERE, YOU DO .. LOOKING AT YOU IN EXERCISE GEAR MADE ME …………FEEL BEAUTIFUL ….. how often have I been told to have a "fantastic body" … but never believed it and now .. since having seen you in exercise gear, I DO believe it ….. today was the first day since I did your "indoor walking, etc." 11 min video and I LOVED IT …. You Schellea have a great body/great figure, and .. now … since having looked at you and at a selfie of myself / also in exercise gear, I am pretty sure YOUR measurements and weight compared with mine – if not identical – are darn close to each other's … I am a bible believing Christian and it is the LORD JESUS who led me to your "Fabulous 50's 11 min. in door walking video" whereon I saw somebody with a body shaped identical to mine … and it put to sleep my "ugly body" obsession …. GOD BLESS YOU DEAR ONE, A WHOLE LOT AND THEN SOME ….. with love, Gera 🙂

  2. I also use a hoop earring for the same purpose. Sometimes you loose one and what are you to do with the other? Problem solved, use it for scarves or all the things that you have posted. Love your channel. Starting to work out with your excercises.

  3. You really provide so much unique and useful information in your short videos.
    I'm not generally a big fan of asymmetry, but what I noticed also was a posing trick. You are at a slightly different angle, and bent at the waist, creating the natural crease that occurs making your waist look smaller and defining the bust, giving the whole dress a sleeker look.

  4. Hi. I stumbled across your channel and I am hooked. I binge watched your videos yesterday. I just turned 40, even though this is for 50s I can see where I am going wrong. Your so right!!! I am going to apply your tips and find my confidence again. My fave video is how to apply makeup. Xxx

  5. Great video…. I've been in hospital for almost a month so could do with vamping up when I emerge, hopefully this afternoon. Thank you for great ideas …. You now have a new subscriber! 🤩🌻

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