1. This is the way l do on my daily working out programe.It's not a
    certain kind of aerobic cardio work
    out cause the pace is too slow but
    I'm sure if you're constant for like
    5 days a week, you will live a tough
    heart and muscle besides this will
    make you look younger than the
    heavy or hardcore exercise.

  2. Love this. Just had this video show up in my yt video feed. Thank you. It is slow running. I have been running this way in zero drop shoes and running sandals for many years. Everyone passes me ! lololo But, when I run in marathons, I always finish. Many I see heading out quickly get to the last 10K and have to stop and receive a DNF. Slow is very easy on the body. No heel pounding.

  3. This is why wisdom and experience is important when we learn and teach. I loved running when I was younger. I tried getting back into it, but my knees wouldn't let me and I was always out of breath. I tried the run/walk method but I don't feel it helped much. I watched this video and ran around my house for 10 minutes with no problem. Can't wait until morning to go for my first run finally!! I have been training for a 10 mile hike because I love being outside. Being able to run again is a big game changer for me. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us for free!! I am definitely going to buy the book. God bless you!!

  4. Many years ago I used to see a very old Japanese man slow jogging like this. I did learn ChiRunning a few years ago, very similar to this. I do use my trampoline jogger everyday, but I think I'll go outside and see if I can do what this young man in the video is talking about.

  5. Wonderful to see this group. I thought I was the only one who did this and did it to the constant scorn of "runners" for over thirty years. I was always curious how the competitive nature took over the personalities of people who started out as fun runners and thought they needed to become marathoners. I watched them as they succumbed to knee replacement surgery and other injuries caused by their need to constantly improve their times. Enjoy what you do and it becomes a happy part of your life and not a physical torture.

  6. After almost 10 years running I had to give up due to extreme pain in the lower leg, about 5 sessions later with my physiotherapist the pain dissapeared, but it would come back if I tried to run a 10k, so i tried jogging, now i can jogg for 10k+ perfectly for me it has to do with landing on the foot, not heels or toes. I was a no brain runner for way to long, mostly because of bad technique.

  7. Thank you for this post. This is what i am doing for years and even ran a half marathon with this technique. My teacher was a 100k marathon runner that thaught me that this is the perfect start for someone new to jogging but then i kept it on. Happy to see that there is a Slow Jogging movement. Sadly not here in Europe yet.

  8. I used to compete as an athlete on track. Then I was training every day, and sometimes hard. I know what posture means. My pride is one day, when I was running/jogging in a green park and an obviously talented athlete from ethiopia told me : you are a good runner ! At that time I was no more able to run every day. I was running for my health. I still do. And I still focus on my posture. I used to consider that if I can't run with a good posture, I must stop running. Well, mister Smile, you jog slow, but your posture is excellent. Even you jog slow, you posture is so good that it is pleasant to watch. And with your way of jogging, I can consider jogging until very old. Thank you.

  9. Thank you so much for this! After seeing this video, I picked up some proper shoes, bought the book and actually rewired how I think about exercise and I couldn't be happier! One question, though: I seem to have a difficult time maintaining the 180 steps per minute at Niko Niko pace. I'm more in the 160 s/m range. Does this come with time? Should I even be concerned about it? Ok, one more question: where can we buy that "Let's Enjoy Slow Jogging" shirt? It is awesome.

  10. I pretty much run like this by default, though it gets embarrassing when people walk as fast as I run/jog, and sometimes faster, so I tend to run very late at night, which sometimes gets me unwanted attention from law-enforcement.

  11. I came upon this way of moving quite naturally. Just feels right. And doesn't damage normal cardiac muscle, which intense, long-distance running can do. Thanks for great video!

  12. Hi prof Tanaka ,after I saw this video I do SLOW JOGGING and surprisingly I like this kind of JOGGING . It's make me feel relax ,enjoy and do more step, and also not out of breath faster . I usually prefer doing Fast jogging and this is make me fell more tired and out of breath faster.
    Thank to your video that I find the best way to enjoy doing exercise .👍👍👍👍👍I'm a fans of SLOW JOGGING now 😄
    Could you make a video how to do warm-up and cool down for SLOW JOGGING please ! Thank for your video and I really appreciate it .🙏

  13. i feel so fortunate to find and watch this video. I started jogging 6 months ago, a slow running, until today, because of my big body that makes me afraid to run fast because of the possibility to get knee injured. Some friends always concern about increasing pace, that sometimes become a high mental block to continue my exercises. Today by watching this video i become more optimistic to get healthier body by doing slow jogging and get a best answer for my friend who always asking about pace and getting faster. From now on i think i have to use the term "slow jogging" instead of "slow running". bunch of thanks from Indonesia.

  14. This looks very interesting . I’ve long thought of taking up running, but don’t much like it! One question: can you tell me why this is better exercise than walking?

  15. If you can’t run – then jog, if you can’t jog – then walk fast, if you can’t walk fast – walk slowly. Turn those cants into cans…..be consistent!!

  16. Did this today and yesterday. Felt nice. I will be recording my progress over the past 30 days starting tomorrow February 3rd 2018. Will keep reporting at the end of each week and hopefully will also make a video. Thank you for your video. I'm glad i bumped into it.

  17. I did this today. Im not a person with high stamina so even jogging or doing some chores will tire me out easily. But slow jog doesn't tire me out at all. I kind of enjoy this because I can do it for a long time without feeling exhausted. Thank you for the tips ^^

  18. I've been slow jogging with deep breathing for 3 years now (although at a slightly faster pace) I do it for 30mins every other day. Results are: weight loss, belly fat reduction, lower blood pressure, better mood, stronger erections and no more premature ejaculation. Science shows this is due to the strengthening of the parasympatetic nervous system. Try it out and you will not regret it

  19. Been running for 6 years and I always feel when I jog slowly, I did it wrong, because everyone seem to be going all about power and speed, while my goal for running is just for health reasons. Now I know that I'm not wrong, just different type of running. Thank you!

  20. What he said in the video is right. Putting heels first while jogging can be damaging to the brain in the long run. Also, one can run for a long duration and cover more distance, while jogging slowly.

    Thanks for sharing the video.

  21. The reason I stopped jogging was because I was afraid to hurt my knees. Will slow jogging have high impact on the knees?
    Otherwise this is just perfect.

  22. To those who think that this method is ineffective because of its low intensity, that may be true. However, I believe one of its benefits is accessibility. I have lots of friends who shy away from jogging because their weight puts a strains on the joints and muscles. This method is great for beginners and after some time, you can increase the intensity and pace once you reach that certain point.

    For the first time in my life, using this method, I have jogged for 2 kilometers straight, without resting or walking (after a week of this method of course). Not impressive for some, but for me, what an experience!

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