1. Just wanted to say hello and to thank everyone at this channel and for its amazing content!
    Started calisthenics in November 2017 after losing 150 lbs. It just felt like a natural progression to get into calisthenics. So with your help and a few others, (One of which is Then X.) I was constant, followed reccomend progressions by September 2018 I completed my first pullup and can now do a few planche push ups, working on my L sit and alot more.
    Just ordered a set of rings, gonna kick it up a notch! Thanks for all you guys do!!! Calisthenics help save my life !! Literally!! Cheers!

  2. In which position should the shoulder and scapular be, while doing a L-sit? Neutral, depressed or can I protract as well?

  3. Guys, there are stops available in stores with a height of 10 cm. But here on the video, the stops are very high. Should I try to find high ones (for correct execution of the exercise)?

  4. I appreciate the idea but I doubt even 5% of people here (including me) have any of that equipment. I'm looking for body weight workout man. love your channel but this video is a bit dissapointing

  5. You are the most comprehensive YouTube channel for physical activity. This is mine and my friends, family opinion. Thank you very very much! How I can support you more?

  6. Great vids. You shoul do a nutrition video. I am always staring at your physique (no homo) and it seems like you have the knowledge about a healthy diet. Or you should just explain what's your diet like. Keep up the good work! (sry for bad english)

  7. Hey, ive got a question but its kinda off topic. I wanna start calisthenic and wanna learn more advanced movements in the future.
    I ve heard that crunches, russian twist , leg raises can destroy your back over time.
    Is it safer to train abs just with planks and for example leg raises hanging or in dip position?
    Thank you! Keep going

  8. Eure Videos sind echt klasse.
    Ich habe noch ein Frage zu den Parallettes. Sind diese zu empfehlen? Sind in dem Verbindungsstück Löcher damit die Schrauben darin halten oder wird es nur geklemmt?

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