1. Thanks for watching guys! Here’s the link to the PDF: https://builtwithscience.com/free-lower-body-workout/ – let me know if you’re having trouble receiving it. Also, I’d really appreciate it if you gave me a follow on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/jayethierfit/ ) where I’ve started posting a lot of the studies I come across but don’t include in my videos – I just reached 10K on there so huge thank you to all of you who have shown your support on my Instagram! Cheers!

  2. Hey I have flat feet and my gym trainer says that I should not do squats with heavy weight so can you suggest some other excercise for the legs which does similar effect like squats

  3. So do I want to to each separately (meaning should I do each exercise individually and do the 3-5 sets and then change to the next exercise) or do it as a circuit (do one set and move on to the next exercise)

  4. I recently broke my leg and torn my Meniscus due to an accident, instead of gaining weight I loose it now I’m running and trying to gain muscle on my lower body, any suggestions?

  5. This could add up to a total of 25 sets for leg day. According to one of you recent videos, you suggested a max of 10 sets per session. Do you still think this routine is still valid for one session?

  6. Hi Jeremy, your videos are amazing and by far the most scientific I've come across. Much appreciate them! I have patellar tendonitis and so I can't do the Bulgarian split squat, or loaded squat because the loading and the movement over stresses my patellar tendon. I've been looking for ways to strengthen the quads without loading the knee joint and so far haven't found many good exercises. A few of my gym buddies have different but similar knee issues and can't do these exercises. Would you please post something related to workouts with minimal knee involvement pls?

  7. Absolutely love your videos Jeremy!
    So well presented and a great source of information.

    Hamstrings are so important as a bodybuilder and can can be one of the hardest to present at a Comp.
    I’ve just started competing and although this video is extremely helpful I’d love some more information on get those hamstring ties to really stand out and show well!

    What are your thoughts on cable kick backs and donkey kicks for example..?
    You could also touch on hip abduction using the cable.
    I’d love more info on building glutes and hamstrings 💖💪🏻🙏🏻

    Just some feedback 👍🏻😘

    Thanks so much! Love your work

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