1. I actually stopped bench pressing about 3 months ago and only focused on cable ups and cable crosses with that "extra" squeez. My chest is maybe weaker on bench press than before, but it grew noticeably in size. Funny smh…

  2. Just tried this. I got to the pushups part and am currently doing some soul searching whether I have enough gas in the tank to continue. You better believe the banded pushups aren’t gonna happen today. 😃

  3. Hello sir,
    I have seen few videos about "does sex effect Muscle building".
    One says it's doesn't harm or one says it's better to do that.
    I wanna know an answer based on science and researches that is only you who can tell us.
    Really hope that you will reply soon.

  4. I’ve followed you for a long time and it has inspired me to make a channel myself dedicated to fitness, my question is how do you make thumbnails with your muscle groups colored? I’m asking to make my content better for those that may watch mine?

  5. When it comes to the bench press what would be the disadvantage to substitute with the sitting chest press. The advantage to using the SCP would be you can up set and drop set more easily and go heavier because you wouldn't need a spotter. Btw you are easily the best

  6. So whats the proper form for a push up i see many people doing them with hands arm close to body and many doing them with the elbow pointing outwards the body, wich one?

  7. Anyone know how you would do the cross over band pushups? Sense you have to work out both arms left and right of the cross over band push-up , does this mean you have to do 6 sets of that? Or how would you do it to do both arms after the weighted push ups?

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