1. 0:00 Blank – Fed Up
    4:00 Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard – Beast
    8:14 Outerspace – Behead The Kings
    11:49 Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard – Go Forever
    15:34 Azad Feat Joell Ortiz – Right Son Of Sam
    20:10 VOC Eaze – Grindin
    24:22 Nathaniel Dawkins – Bring It On
    27:55 Tcm Lox Chatterbox Feat Cream – Chemicals
    31:50 Jay Kill Feat The Hustle Standard – Never Gonna Stop
    35:32 Mavado Feat Ace Hood – Emergency

    Copied from description

  2. I actually quit the gym because of having to listen to the bloody music. I would prefer no music at all. Just do the exercises and go home. Why do you need music? I absolutely hate rock music of any kind and it seems this is the kind of crap they play

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