1. LOVE Love LOVE these, use them when I can't get to the gym.>>>ur2.pl/1190 They are perfect for my workouts. They do only go to 52.5 lbs so if you need more than that you might wanna check out the other set they sell.

  2. 😩Lawd help me! I just want ripped shredded arms like her or Angela Basset. 🤔I’m not a man so why do I have to even do “man makers” 🤨 I’m no bodybuilder but I’m in pretty good shape, I just want arms that are more defined for once in my life. 😔😩

  3. Been doing this for the past week and these are a killer. I do 3 sets:
    3kg x 15 reps
    4 kg x 12 reps
    5 kg x 10 reps

    I don’t do the man makers though because I have a slipped disc.

  4. I love your workouts!! I hurt my hamstring yesterday. How can I go on doing your cardio/ hiit workouts for weight loss? Can you give me advice please which exercises aren't bad for my injured hamstring? Thanks <3

  5. these workout do work but pain is damn 😭😭😭 I have been doing workout and clean diet and lost more than 23 kgs in 10-11months
    😍 all I am doing is to toned up now

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