1. Thanks for this Jenni. Havent used my treadmill for months as I was getting bored… I had reverted to walking workouts! So now I have found you and loved using the treadmill, will check out your other workouts 🙂

  2. I love this, but with my treadmill going and the fan, I can’t really hear you. Is it possible to put text in the upper left hand corner to say what you’re doing next?

  3. Hello Jenni…wow !! where were you all my life ? Finally a workout for my 60 year old body ! I was able to follow your treadmill exercise till I reached the 24 minutes ,,then I died.. but I have a 20 year old Trimline treadmill . It does the job great but has no indication of the incline , only the speed and calories ..is there a way I can measure what a 2 or 3 % incline is ? Anyone who could answer me would be great.. See you tomorrow !

  4. I closed my eyes bc I felt dizzy, and then fell off the treadmill hitting my knee and chin 🙂 ow that hurt like a mother f. (Still finished the workout though)

  5. From ASIA WONDERFUL video presentation but it accelerates aging at the pace your going! Its too fast n unnatural n unhealthy! Just 20 to 30 gentle minutes a day at 3 to 4 km an hour is HEALTHY during our rainy season n walking outside when the weather permits! Foreigners come to Asia n do there stupid power walks n joging n DROP DEAD outside! Its UNHEALTHY N BAD ON YOUR JOINTS N HEART! So continue and age prematurely n drop dead in the evening! Foolish n silly Americans!

  6. Great workout!  I have been doing this frequently for the last several months because I enjoy it.  I have also done her 60 minute workout – also tough and great!  Keep going!  We need more like this!!!

  7. thought I had been working out on the treadmill till I played this vid…now this is a real workout. still can only make it halfway through without a break but I'm gonna keep trying.

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