1. Hello Coach..thanka for the wonderful and informative session. I tried the Home work out thrice and it feel great. I would like to improve my posture, I have slouching shoulders and nerd neck. Plus weak arms and shoulders…can you please suggest a work out for 1hr everyday…which one should I follow. Appreciate your support. Love and wishes from India ☺️

  2. Plz make a video for widening shoulders of women without lifting weights it's a request Plz. ..coz many women like us don't want to lift weights but do want wide shoulders 🙆

  3. I started doing this sometime last week and I noticed doing the lying angels that I get a pinchy feeling in my left shoulder blade and somewhat in the back of my upper arm muscle. Is this normal or should I back off?

  4. I am 17, I struggle to concentrate on what your saying becuase of that nicely shaped woman on your side. She should not be seen, I can't concentrate!! Please make it more teen friendly, kids are the ones mostly with bad posture.

  5. Bro,Thank you very much It's a small word for all the goodness you are spreading in people life.Your workout are very simple and very effective Awesome work.Thank you very very much…All the best

  6. Thank you so much! I really needed a good posture exercise routine. I have really been looking for exercises to do to help get my good posture back. I try to be mindful of not slouching, but I really needed more. I will put these into my day regularly and see how it helps!

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