1. Literally went crazy with Stephanie’s what I eat in a day for like a week now (shocked I haven’t seen all of them at this point😂 no joke I haven’t been to bed and it’s 617 am from watching her videos) now I’ve found myself figuring out my calorie deficit to making a fitness Instagram. Follow my journey if you want @ Jacqueline.fitness.duchess

  2. I freaking love you! It’s such a shame we aren’t besties lol but I’m seriously binge watching all your videos yet again for the 3rd time

  3. first of all, you are super gorgeous and you inspire people daily so thank you!!
    I find it difficult to stick with healthy eating and control the calorie intake as soon as I start. Like I will be great for one day and on day 2 or 3 I eat like a pig again….not sure how to find a way to find that self control:((((

  4. girl this isnt personal but you should not be eating that much meat. yes i am vegan and the last thing i want to be is annoying and preacy but i would really love if you did a what i eat in a day vegan or tried eating plant based for a while. im not judging you for what you choose to eat but i suggest you watch 'what the health’ on netflix xx

  5. Lol I love you so much steph i can't even deal lol. Was finally able to catch up on you and Amy's newest videos. ❤ Totally am gonna have to try that lemonade powder right after baby # 2. (Shh its still a secret lol, we just found out)

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