1. Thank you for not making me feel like I need to starve to loose weight. The food looks fulling and delicious to eat vs other diet trends or blogs make it look so unenjoyable

  2. Amy i want to genuinely thank you from the bottom of my heart as i read my blood results report. I was diagnosed as a pre diabetic last yeat with a a1c of 5.6 and the doctor said the only way to get back to normal is loose weight and cut down carbs. I cant work out much due to my previous foot surgeries, i came across your channel and you taught me the power of portion control and logging my diet under a certain number. Here i am 7 months and 20 pounds later, my a1c is 5.3(which is normal range). I am so so so reliever. Thank you amy thank you so so so much. This is my lifestyle now.

  3. Love these videos! Getting right back into my routine. Literally started today lol but I can’t wait to incorporate some of yours and your sisters meals! They have helped me so much.

  4. Amy I have a question. Do you eat more calories if you workout that day? I’m doing 1200 calories a day and wondering if I go over if I should just burn it off in the gym?

  5. People seem to forget that every BODY is different. Just because you can have X amount of calories and be satisfied, does not necessarily mean you're unhealthy. Plus, people have got to consider your height! The shorter you are, the less calories you're suppose to have. People just need to mind their business. Loved this video, keep it going fam

  6. im trying to loose weight i tried keto i tried military diet did not work so i will try your way cause giiirrrlllll i love my sweets too 🍫 and instead of fitnespal i downloaded lifesum🤗

  7. I’m always stuck on what to eat most days so it’s nice to hear what other people are eating on the daily so I can switch it up! Def gonna try that turkey bravo at Panera!! Looked so yummy! And also def respect you a lot more for being real and showing you eat pizza! So many people be frontin!!! Lol pizza is life!

  8. I work at Panera and it’s honestly a blessing as far as healthy meals go. I’ve been tracking my calories and only drinking water since the 1st, and I’ve lost 4 pounds in 6 days. I feel so good already!

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