1. Great video and yes, WW has taught me to have a better relationship with food and so much more.Congrats on your weight loss. I lost 46 lbs since November 2017.

  2. I lost 80 lbs about 15 years ago. I've gained 25 back and am looking forward to starting WW in mid June. We have vacation the 2nd week of June to celebrate our 55th birthdays and our 5 yrs anniversary so we are going to enjoy the vacay food. Our love your recipes and looking forward to trying them.

  3. I love to hear about your journey, I don't like instagram but I think your real life posts are great! You don't try to make it a unrealistic way of living. You eat well,but make food choices that are similar to the "bad" choices but in a health way. I love your videos, even if I don't win I want you to know that what you are doing matters!

  4. I am excited to be back on freestyle…I turn 30 June 21 and I want to start this new chapter focusing on myself and making sure I am in the healthiest state possible. 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  5. Hello! I love watching your videos. I started my ww journey in January with my sister. I currently am down 20 pounds so far. I enjoy watching your videos for inspiration and meal ideas!

  6. Love your channel and your doodle! I have a doodle too. I started WW again in Feb. 19 and have had great success especially watching your meal prep videos! You give me great ideas.

  7. I recently found your videos & enjoy your honesty. Like anyone who has a weight problem I struggle between wanting to do what everyone else is eating & eating healthy. I’m older so I’ve been on Weight Watchers many times in the past & had good success with it but have given up when I’ve plateau for a long period of time. I have never reached Lifetime Status. I am determined to get there this time. I’ve lost 46.2 pounds since October 10th., but still have 60 – 65 pounds to go so I know this time it has to be a Life Style Change.

  8. Hello! I started WW last month and have lost a little over 4 pounds. I am a mom, wife, and student so life can get a bit hectic. I am a CCMA, but decided to go back to school to earn my Associates degree to then earn a Bachelors degree. I truly enjoy watching your videos. You give so many great ideas and you are so down to earth, it is refreshing :). I look forward to watching more of your videos!

  9. I am on the struggle bus and so appreciate such honesty about your journey as well. Thank you for sharing. I added you on Instagram my user is jlkozar – have a good day.

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