1. For the DB Windmill w/isolateral press, what are your opinions on not flaring out the elbow toward the frontal plane? I generally stay at 45º bc the AC joint becomes worn when the elbow is flared in the vertical press.

  2. Hey Buff Dudes and Buff Grrrl thank you so much for this amazing video. Could you also upload videos of back and chest exercises for women. My girlfriend is trying to loose 10 kg of fat, so if you could upload some videos for such exercises for girls it would be a great help.
    Thanks for the amazing videos, please keep them coming.

  3. Hi Buff Dudes! My husband uses your workouts and eating plan and is killing it and reaching his goals! I would like to lose about 8-10 lbs. Would love to see a Buff Girl version of the Buff Dude eating plan video! Thanks!

  4. Please, please, please, give at least an approximation of what weights to use. At least tell us when to use less and when to use more. Thank you!

  5. Totally not hating as much as I'm just pointing out (and afraid) how cosmetic procedures in the face can really alter and add years as shown during her introduction. During her introduction, I thought she was in her 50s but then when she didn't smile, and rested her face, she looked 20!

  6. Would love to see more dumbbell workouts geared towards women. Hopefully some things that can be done in a small space. I'm a truck driver and with winter coming it's going to get too cold to be outside doing a workout. Love the videos, keep up the awesome work Buff Dudes!

  7. Thanks for all the awesome videos! they really help me understand good form for exercises. do you have any women's videos for triceps and chest? can the same exercises be done as mens for these muscles.

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