1. Jeff – my bench slides when I try the spider curls. Now do I get it to say put because I cant lean into the incline bench like I would want because of the movement.

  2. Sit on a bench then using a cable machine setup two hand grip pull the weight into your body like your working your back, then hold the weight close to your body under tension and use your body to lean back, this exercises your back and your arms are under constant tension overload from holding that weight, works for me.

  3. I know it's HD but the video, sound and even the intro graphics look like a VHS tape? Is this a conscious aesthetic you are going for Jeff? I'm curious what equipment you use.

  4. Dude !! What a great awesome bi-tri exercise?? I just love the intensity that could be performed in a no time, especially for a guy just went out of the 12 hours work shift !! Thanks a lot Jeff

  5. its been 4 days and my arms are still in pain, great work out… is it good to work 1 body part a day, like arms 1 day, chest 1 day, back 1 day, leg 1 day or every other day?

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