1. This was the best workout I’ve had in a long time. It was powerful, energizing, challenging and peaceful all at the same time. I am a stay at home mom, and I hold so much stress within myself. Not enough people tell each other that they are great, and when Marnie said those thoughtful words at the end of the yoga part I literally burst into tears. I probably sound totally dramatic, but this workout really helped me feel good physically and mentally!

  2. What a fantastic energetic workout! Really is a perfect combo of barre, pilates, and yoga. Will definitely work my way up to the full unmodified versions. Thank you!

  3. Excellent work out! It was good that the other workout participants refrained from over commentary as in other videos as it can be a bit distracting. The music was also very nice! Thanks

  4. fui instrutora de fitness durante 12 anos e sempre procurei dar aulas que eu também gostasse de dar. Comecei a perceber que gostava mais de exercícios que tivessem um bocadinho de ballet à mistura, que fossem bonitos elegantes artísticos. Tenho pena de não ter visto este video antes, pois a Marnie executa na perfeição o tipo de aula que gosto de fazer 🙂 amei mesmo

  5. Thank you for this amazing routine Marnie Alton ! Love your instructions style and pace its really what I’d been looking for. Actually I’m looking for a barre training and this is the perfect place to start so looking forward to doing this ✨✌️☺️

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