1. Hello, I really enjoy your stretching and mobility routines, although I have a question regarding the hip flexor stretch. I have watched and read a bit about stretching lately because I am in real need of improving flexibility and mobility.
    What do you say to those that say not to lean forward during the hip flexor stretch? Just to engage glutes and anterior tilt the hips to get a better hip flexor stretch? Again I am really happy with your routine and have been performing it each day for the past 3 weeks and seen some great results. Just wanted to ask?
    Thanks again

  2. Would you say I’m fine with using just this same video to stretch everyday for mobility? Will the same stretches over and over cover me or be enough as far as flexibility or do I need to do other exercises here and there?

  3. hey man, good vid. all the other stretch vids on other channels are trash because you don't stretch for longer than 10 seconds. experts say 30 seconds minimum. thanks mate 👍

  4. This is, by far, the best stretch workout I have come across. It targets all my tight areas and forces you to hold the stretch until it starts to loosen. Great job, guys!

  5. Is it normal that after a few days of stretching my knees becomes a complete mess. Every squad something is popping and crunching and squeaking and worst part is that I not only hear it but also feel it. It's as if the rigid gorset of muscles that hold my poor joints got loose and stopped protecting them from unwanted movements in weird ranges of motion…

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