1. Ohh I got so mad at Daniel at the burnout plank. He was holding it the whole time while I was there trying not to dislocate my shoulder because I kept slipping on my own sweat XD. Well other than that, I’m proud to announce that #Sweat Day 3 Extra Challenge is complete! 13.02.19

  2. I was happily doing the last plank thinking “oh I only 20? this is so easy, I can hold a plank for two minutes”. And well no, NOT for 2 minutes after this workout. When the timer kept going and he was still holding it I was like “hell naw, this is murder” and well I didn’t hold it for the whole time, very far from it. I rested quite a few times but after doing that completing this workout makes me feel way more accomplished. Im proud of myself! Sweat Day 3 complete! 24.10.18

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