1. Camp hate it!!! Because all those 200 foods are fruits vegetables and garbage that grows out of the ground. I'm all for trying to eat healthier and better but about 95% of what's on that free list I'm not touching with somebody else's ten-foot Pole…. I like the old system but when they went to Freestyle they greatly reduced the number of points. I was doing better before it became freestyle

  2. You need to repost this for June or July a 2019 this is so true this is where my problem lies so now I'm going to count calories thank you so much this is why I'm gaining and not losing too much zero food

  3. Wonderful video, I totally agree, I am 74, started WW online in Jan. and have lost 14 lbs. on 23 points, I am a turtle but only exercise is walking as am very arthritic. My problem is I am careless with tracking oil, marg, mayo, etc. you have reminded me to start MEASURING! 😊

  4. I watched this video several months ago, and came back tonight for a refresher. I’ve been on Freestyle for 9 months with a 74.2 lb loss (at age 67, btw), and 40 to go. My loss has slowed down, as expected, but I wanted to come watch this video to make sure I’m paying attention to the details. This is great info. It may be time to start using the iTrackBites app and see how I’m doing on calories. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Counting calories defeats The purpose of the program if you want to lose weight I would suggest staying within your dailies and do not use your weeklies

  6. If anyone uses the 0sp foods and actually THINKS they're FREE calories, then, they're only fooling themselves. At our WW meetings, we are all told over and over again, that the 0sp foods are not calorie free. They are healthier foods that most people wouldnt overindulge in. You dont typically see a person overindulging on hard boiled eggs, chicken, broccoli, carrots, etc. You can, however, overindulge on potato chips, rice, mashed potatoes, etc. WW is also setting us up for a healthy lifestyle….so we will be more likely to reach for an apple when we want a snack, rather than a bag of chips. More likely to have our portions at single servings. More likely to have healthier meals and snacks. If you go into WW thinking you can have all the 0sp foods you want all day long, plus your dailies, plus your weeklies, you're not going to lose weight. Period.

  7. The problem with the Weight Watchers diet is the fact that people have tons of metabolic conditions that never get to heal properly because they're still consuming " whatever they want " per se.

    Weight Watchers is no different than the standard American diet all it is is just moderation and that's it

    I went undercover to a Weight Watchers facility and I asked a series of questions to the manager of the facility and wow what a joke she didn't act like she knew much about anything health related and it was just a office for a club pretty much and when I went and looked at the process garbage foods that were on the Shelf they were trash full of sugars and hydrogenated oils and it was terrible so anybody that promotes a system based on points where you can eat crap and not feel your metabolic condition is not a good system.

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