1. HEY YALL! Be sure to watch until the end and comment on this video to possibly be featured in next weeks video! 😀
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  2. You act just like your mama!!!! I love cucumber water, I drink it daily, and sometimes add lemon and mint as well. You exercise regularly and eat very healthy, you are helping many people by what you are doing….

  3. Your drinks are beautiful, your food is beautiful, you are beautiful!! Love the aesthetics as well as how healthy the meals are! I'm going to try them!

    Side note ~ freaking out!!! So happy to be the featured comment!!!!! Love ya Sundai!! You're videos inspire!

  4. I’m really glad you’re feeling better, and I wish you good luck in the dr offices! I’ve been in and out of them myself since January, so I understand the frustrations 😪♥️

  5. I like seeing how you prepare stuff, it's always so neat and pretty 🙂 I drink water every morning too! But I don't add anything, I'm too lazy for that haha plus I just like plain water 😁 but agree, water so good for you, curbs eating too much too coz often your body is just thirsty. Lots of great food shares! Your nails are so versatile 😂👍♥️ – Yen

  6. I'm super fat and needed this video. Today, the roasting a ton of different veggies in coconut oil and spices. They'll be served with some soft boiled eggs. Thank you for the chia pudding, smoothie, and pasta salad recipes.

  7. You should sit down and research dandelion tea. Then catail jelly and it's use's. Like under eye bag's Qtip a little catail jelly onto each side to reduce the puffiness. Natural aloe vera leaf pulp mixed with catial jelly in a ceramic pestal placed in plastic container and refrigerate. A medical gel like no other! Research Aloe vera and catail jelly use's. Catail jelly used to reduce a heavy flow menstrual cycle by Indians. Vitamin E oil liquid gel capsule of HCI same compound antihistamine used in anti itch creams mixed together and applied to dry itchy skin with Q tip helps with rashes inflamed skin and a site pain relief that burns ounce applied then goes numb. Have a bad tooth ache poke a hole in a gel capsule squeeze contents onto a cotton ball and place on gum of painful tooth it will numb the pain. Ground gloves work great on those sores that come up on the tongue after eating certain fruits were the taste buds swell up? Put a pinch of ground cloves on tip of tongue and press against teeth to feel the burn and numb the pain and treat the sore ground cloves have antibacterial and antiviral properties. 😁👍😉😘💕

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