1. as i have no idea how to keep fit could i ask do you need to do this exercise with any others or can you do this one by itself?

  2. I’ve just made the meatball sub from your book. I’m just wondering 240g seemed like an awful lot of meatball?? I think it was 8 all together. Obviously all these can’t go in one submarine roll. Am I being dense and doing something wrong????

  3. I gained 20kg due to depression medication and after 5 years this is the first thing Ive done sports-like after I had sort of had a burst of motivation out of nowhere.. I wanted to die after the first round but I somehow managed to finish. Only had problems with push-ups from the beginning and the crunches almost made me throw up but I guess its gonna be worth it..

  4. Thank you so much for this, makes it alot easier to workout at home. My only thing is I am incredibly unfit and battle to even do the 15min workouts, does it get easier the more I do them?

  5. Did this yesterday morning before work and really enjoyed it, absolutely in agony today so missed day two because I was so stiff when I woke up 😂 Gonna try day two tomorrow and stretch lots before hand to try and get over the pain 😂😂

  6. Joe!!! I loved this workout because it gave me something to focus on throughout the week, I knew what I was doing everyday and it was easy to fit in. Please can you do another 7 day workout for 20 mins with different exercises each day. Thank you!!

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