1. Sir aap great ho AAP comedy krte krte bhi bht achi se achi baatein smjha dete ho
    AAP ki videos dekhkar bht acha lagta h ❤️❤️❤️
    And meri yhi koshish rhti h ki aapki baaton Ko main follow kr Pau ☺️😊

  2. Following his first and last tips will keep one reasonably fit.

    After getting up in the morning, take a half lime (nimbu) and a little bit termeric powder with a warm water. This keeps your lever healthy, a head master of your body.

    Take light food in early dinner followed by sugarless milk before sleeping. This will help in body gaining a healing power during idle hours of sleep, in absence of a need for its digesting power.

    In between, take anything (except junk food) and 4-5 Wall nut, 4-5 Almond and a fruit anytime.

    Optionally, take a walk for 15-30 minutes even within your home, if you can't go out, at anytime but desirably before having good breakfast. (Optional).

    I follow this. At 65, I have no BP, no blood sugar, no cholesterol, nothing serious.

  3. Recent studies show whenever we eat food with calories then insulin gets produced and it's not good to produce insulin so many times by eating several times a day, due to which we ourselves drive our body into insulin resistance nd eventually diabetis 2. Eat food not more than 3times a day and do fast every fortnight, required amount of water and veggies. Exercise you will be happy and healthy

  4. You missed metabolism topic.. it's very different from person to person. One can't lose weight without calorie deficit. Also loose fat is the sign of fats are getting reduced. Body uses fats first not muscles after running. Running is the best exercise to loose fats.

  5. Sir main Aisa kya karu ki mujhe khana se pyar ho.. mujhi khana khane mai bohat dar lagti hai nausea and vomiting vi hoti hai or din par din meri weight loss hotey ja rahi hai…mai energitic khavi fill na rakhti or isle mind vi cool na rahiti hai or har bakt vuk ke jala main pet par burning sensation hoti rahiti hai..or 6oto 6oto bato par tention hoti rahiti hai..meri khu6 din bad exam hai lekin main parne ke liye energy de nahi parahihu or isliye meri or vi tention ho rahi hai..sir ap mujhe pls help koro…

  6. Sir ap ever best ho hr problem ka solution ho ap ..apki waja sa mera interview clear hogaya ha bhot achi job chala rhi h qk pehal education hona k bd bhi ma confused hojati lakn apki waja sa mujha jesa sensitive personality ma bhoot change aya ha good bless you Sir

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